Interview with Jeb and Rachel from Allured about Wellness Beauty Trends

In this episode, I spent some time with Jeb Gleason-Allured and Rachel Grabenhofer, Editor in Chief and Managing Editor at Allured Business Media respectively. They've also been involved with a number of other very influential cosmetic industry magazines including Cosmetics and ToiletriesGlobal Cosmetic Industry, and  Perfumer and Flavorist. In this interview, we talked about Jeb's latest presentation at Suppliers Day in New York titled 5 Well Beauty Trends for the Cosmetic Industry, which included microflora oriented, sleep centric, ingestibles, anti-pollution and simplistic products. We took a deep dive into what all these products are and what they do, products already in the market, trends, and of course, some of the science behind these categories. Enjoy!