The Eco Well
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Our Mission

There is so much misinformation in the cosmetic industry, making things incredibly challenging for industry members and consumers alike. We think part of what’s causing this is that cosmetic scientists often stay behind closed doors, and the most vocal ‘experts’ are themselves misinformed. This is why The Eco Well started, to help make accurate information about cosmetics and sustainability in beauty, more accessible to everyone.

We regularly work with Canadian universities to give presentations on sustainability in cosmetics, offer beginner to advanced classes on cosmetic formulating, offer consultation services to businesses, and run our own free-to-listen cosmetic science podcast. Find our podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts at ‘The Eco Well’s Podcast’ or tune-in directly through our website.


Jen Novakovich, Director

Jen Novakovich is a passionate science communicator, environmentalist, and cosmetic chemist. She has two bachelors of science honors degrees from the University of Guelph and completed her graduate studies in Cosmetic Chemistry. Today, she has a deep passion for sustainable development and science-based cosmetics. Jen is also the director of the environmental organization The Eco Market Canada.