Private Virtual Lesson or Consultation

Private Virtual Lesson or Consultation

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A one hour virtual lesson or consultation based on your individual needs. Whether you’d like your products' ingredient listings reviewed, a private lesson on cosmetics science and formulating, insights on trends, or an in depth lesson on sustainability in cosmetics, we’ve got you covered.

How it works

After purchasing your one-hour lesson/consult, send us a run-down of what you’re hoping to cover and a few dates that would work well for you to schedule your session through the forums that will come up after purchase. We’ll reach back out within 24-hours to confirm your booked session.

Sessions are taught via Google Hangouts Video Chat or via phone, customized to your needs. After the lesson, you’ll receive a summery of that was covered during the lesson.

Our virtual lessons and consultations are perfect for aspiring indie brands, keen consumers, as well as for individuals hoping to do professional development in the personal care space, such as estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists or beauty clerks.