Green Beauty Night, Oct 4 Toronto

Green Beauty Night, Oct 4 Toronto

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Join us this October for a Green Beauty Night, brought to you by The Eco Well. Featuring an interactive panel presentation by Canadian industry leaders and scientists, and a highly curated Green Beauty Market.

What is green beauty? This term is thrown around so flippantly, but what makes a product truly sustainable? Is natural synonymous with ‘green’? Should we be looking to certifications and non-governmental organizations for insights about our products? What are some of the metrics we should be looking to when calling a product green? This topic will be disseminated throughout the evening. Before and after, you’ll be able to shop from local green beauty brands and connect more with our panelists. Join us for an evening of education, connection and fun!

*There’s so much misinformation in the cosmetic space, making things so challenging for everyone - from consumers trying to make more informed purchases to brand owners trying to make better decisions for their company. We think part of the problem is that scientists often stay behind closed doors. We hope that the insights from our panel will make rifts across the industry. Our panel discussion will be live recorded for The Eco Well’s cosmetic science podcast.

Panellists include Dr. Vik Pandit from Phycus Bio, Kenna Whitnell from Altilis Beauty, Dr. Mariana ROYER from Bio Strategie, Jenn Harper from Cheekbone Beauty and Dayna Stein from bare market- panel discussion moderated by Jen Novakovich of The Eco Well 🍃. Special guest MC for the event, Candice Batista from The Eco Hub 💚.