Formulation Development

Customized formulation development based on your business needs and ethos. We specialize in green formulations for skin and hair care as well as makeup. We’ll work with you to get your product off the ground, including connecting you to appropriate labs and manufacturers, regulations and claims. Contact us for pricing and details.

Product Curation

A third party cosmetic chemist to review products for your retail location. We work with stores to ensure products brought in fit with their ethos, are compliant to our local regulations, are safe and are transparent. Contact us for pricing and details.


Professional Development

We offer customized training services for personal care retailers, estheticians, and cosmetologists looking to gain a greater understanding of cosmetic products. Available for small to large groups. Contact us for pricing and details.


What Makes Us Different?

We are an independent consultancy. This allows us to give you quick results, produce unique and customized formulations, and to work with you to meet your needs. We claim no ownership to the intellectual property produced from our consultation services. Additionally, we are unique in the industry with our expertise in sustainable development.

We take a lot of pride in the consultation work we do and strive to exceed your expectations.

Jen is a pleasure to work with as a formulator! Her passion for science sets her apart and she excels at making cosmetic chemistry accessible, both in her consulting work and in her super informative podcast and blog.
— Jessye Grundlingh, Make This Universe
Jen is an absolute pleasure to work with - she is both professional, timely and lovely to communicate with. She goes out of her way to answer our questions in as much detail as she feels will be useful to us, and generally does not overwhelm us with data. I mostly appreciate that Jen has a sustainability slant to all that she does and balances that with a strong foundation in scientific literature and practice. She has also worked with us in such a way that we have grown too in our own cosmetic chemistry literacy/understanding.
— Dayna Stein, Bare Market

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